Welcome to Sweatheory, the first all-in-one health, infrared sauna, and fitness studio designed with full body wellness in mind. From our unique infrared yoga and fitness classes to our Vitamin IVs, we have created an oasis where all your health needs live under one roof. Our mission at Sweatheory is to provide you with whole body wellness – wellness of mind, body, and spirit. From the healing and restorative benefits of our infrared saunas to our boutique wellness services, we have designed an experience like no other to help you feel your best.

IV Therapy
Red Light Infrared Sauna
Reiki Healing
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1503 North Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
What we love:
Check out Sweatheory's yoga, meditation, and various fitness classes in their infrared studio! The studio is furnished with untreated cedar walls and built with non-toxic materials, along with a beautiful pink Himalayan salt wall that purifies the air and creates a calming atmosphere.
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