Wellness, as it should be.

We're on a mission to change the way people discover and access meaningful care and wellness services.

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Our Values

What We Believe In

Bloomy curates local health and wellness experiences that enhance your overall wellbeing.

Always seek new ideas and solutions
We believe in constant improvement, always looking for innovative ways to enhance our work and impact.
Quality over quantity, always
We prioritize thoughtful curation, ensuring that every choice reflects our commitment to improving well-being.
Find joy in the unexpected
We find joy in everyday moments and embrace challenges as exciting opportunities.
Curiosity fuels connection
Our curiosity drives us to learn more and form deeper, meaningful connections with ourselves and others.
Transparency breeds trust
Verifying every service, treatment and experience we feature is not just a check in the box for us.
Respect is our love language
No matter the situation, we express our care and appreciation by treating everyone with dignity and empathy.

Who we are

At Bloomy, we are a passionate team of wellness enthusiasts with a mission to make self-care and wellness accessible to all, empowering people to proactively nurture their mental and physical wellbeing. We bring a unique blend of backgrounds and life experiences that inform our deep understanding of human needs. Our down-to-earth, compassionate team is committed to helping people like you lead happier, healthier lives.

  • Bray Wilcock

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Geoffrey Momin

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Makela Pichler

    Chief Brand Officer