Soulful Sunday Series

This series begins with Dylan Keese-Forster guiding guests through a 30-minute breathwork session and is followed by a relaxing 45-minute sound bath led by Allison Spiegel. We will conclude with tea and reflection.

Dylan Keese-Forster is a certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and founder of Radical Breath. She is also a student and teacher of meditation. As a Black woman and adoptee, her work is rooted in the belief that wellness should be ethical, accessible, and decolonial.

Allison Spiegel is a certified Sound Ceremony Facilitator and Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner. Allison’s ceremonies are a meditative experience infused with reiki energy utilizing musical instruments attuned to healing frequencies to promote relaxation, peace & alignment in the body.

Items to Bring:

Eye Masks



Comfy Clothing

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Event Date and Time
Sunday, November 26th | 6:30pm - 8:30pm PST
IntoMeSea, 1812 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404
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