Personalized Breath, Cold Plunge & Stretch

Join this powerful weekly class to experience first-hand benefits of breathwork, deep stretching practices and cold plunges. Looking for expert guidance as you explore the benefits of breathwork, cold plunges, stretchwork, and sound vibration? If you prefer a private setting with personalized instruction, this weekly class is the perfect fit for you. You'll enjoy alternating between hot and cold tub plunges, with the cold water temperature being less intense than traditional ice plunges. In addition, you'll experience a stretch class designed to increase oxygenation in the blood and enhance your results. Neil, a Master trainer with decades of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, has developed a proprietary practice that includes tailored stretchwork to maximize the benefits of this body-based practice.

Each week, the class will focus on a different aspect of breathwork, cold plunges, stretchwork, and sound vibration. You'll learn different breathwork techniques, participate in guided meditations, and enjoy the benefits of sound vibration. Whether you're looking to cope with stress, pain, chronic issues, grounding, or a deeper connection to self, Neil will give you the individual attention you need to achieve your goals.

After each class, you'll leave feeling happier, more grounded, and more connected to your body. Don't miss out on this opportunity to explore the power of personalized breathwork, cold plunges, stretchwork, and sound vibration with an expert guide.

Cold Plunge
Assisted Stretching
Event Date and Time
Saturday April 29th | 10am-12pm
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