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Today's world is one of constant mental and physical stress. Work pressure, family responsibilities, lack of quality sleep and over-stimulation from our ever-present technology is elevating stress hormones making us susceptible to chronic exhaustion, illness and disease. Furthermore, the rise of CrossFit and other high intensity fitness regimens are pushing our bodies harder than ever, leading to muscle/tendon strains, back pain and other injuries. Pause is an experiential wellness studio created to facilitate mental and physical recovery and regeneration. We are curating research-backed modalities - including flotation therapy, infrared sauna therapy, cold therapy and meditation pods.

Float Therapy
IV Therapy
Cold Plunge
Red Light Infrared Sauna
Compression Boots
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820 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 110, El Segundo, CA 90245, United States
What we love:
Their float therapy is incredible! The sensory deprivation allows you to take some much needed time to reconnect with yourself while also having great benefits for your physical wellbeing too!
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