Meditate for Maui

A virtual, donation-based meditation class to support the victims of the Maui fires and embody the aloha spirit.

Hawaii has such a special place in my soul. It’s changed my life and exponentially deepened my respect for the land, the sky, the ocean and our primal need for supportive community in ways I'll have lifelong gratitude for.

The damage from the fire has been heartbreaking to watch unfold, not only for the Earth herself, but of course, for the victims and their families as well and I feel eager to support them however possible.

In the spirit of oneness and aloha, I look forward to having you for this special, open-hearted event, where I'll guide you through a blend of a few different modalities, including loving-kindnesss meditation, to send prayers for the victims of this gut-wrenching disaster.

100% of your donation will be sent to support the victims.
You can sign up by donating any amount through Venmo (@kelley-hoag)

Please make a note of the transaction your email address so I can send you the Zoom link.


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Event Date and Time
Monday, August 21st | 6pm PDT/9PM EDT
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