Heart of Gratitude Half-Day Retreat w/ Phoenix Song & Rebecca Rogers

Join an intimate gathering of other like-hearted people celebrating the spirit of gratitude through yoga, music, singing, ritual, and reflective practices.

This half-day retreat, hosted by Phoenix Song & Rebecca Rogers will incorporate:

✳ guided meditation and pranayama

✳ a detoxifying and heart-opening yoga practice with live music and sound healing

✳ free your voice mini-workshop to help you open your body instrument with sound and tap into our collective medicine songs

✳ gratitude practices that include opportunities for both self-reflection and connection with others

Phoenix & Rebecca have been working together for 15 years on retreats designed to nurture deep personal healing and transformation and empower you with tools and practices that help you to connect more fully with others.

The yoga portion of this half-day retreat will include a heat-building sequence, twists, backbends, and other detoxifying postures; in other words, come prepared to sweat! Postures will not be advanced, per se, but will require some mental and physical stamina. We recommend you dress in comfortable layers, and bring a hand towel or yoga mat towel, and your own yoga mat. Limited yoga props such as blocks, straps and blankets will be available for use.

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Event Date and Time
Sunday, November 26th | 2pm - 5pm PST
The Center SF, 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
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