✧FREE✧ 8/8 Lion's Gate Soundbath

Join Holographic Sound Healer & Ceremonialist Sasha Starseed for a very special Lion's Gate Soundbath! This ceremony is a FREE online event, with the option to make a donation! Pay what you can! TO JOIN THE CEREMONY: Click the "View the event" button in your confirmation email. Note, the zoom link becomes active 30 minutes before the session.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an auspicious time for manifestation. The heightened energy allows us to connect with our multidimensional selves, star family, guides and spiritual side. It’s a time to lean into your inner Leo, connect with your heart, practice gratitude, and get ready for quantum leaps!

Join us as we relax, release, and manifest your dream life with a Free Lion’s Gate Sound Bath!

Holographic Sound Bath

  • Ground with breathwork + meditation
  • Intention-setting ceremony + blessing
  • Relax + float away with a cosmic sound bath, including Sasha's angelic voice, crystal, gemstone-infused bowls, deer drum, handpan, rainstick, + more.

Magic Included...

  • Cosmic Sound Bath
  • Intention-setting
  • Manifestation ceremony
  • Guided meditation and visualization
  • Energy clearing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Breathwork
  • Journaling

What You'll Need:

  • A phone or laptop.
  • A quiet space where you can comfortably sit or lay down and relax.
  • Headphones will enhance the sound bath experience.
  • An eye mask or eye pillow is a nice touch!
  • Your favorite crystals, sacred objects, or candles to create a peaceful and healing atmosphere
  • Dress comfortably and come ready to relax!

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Event Date and Time
Tuesday, August 8th | 7:08pm - 8:08pm PDT
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