Join us for a Women's Circle + Holotropic Inspired Breathwork Ceremony—an empowering journey guided by the wisdom of your body+ soul. This immersive experience serves as a transformative opportunity, paving the way for self-empowerment, renewed energy, and profound self-discovery.

WOMEN'S CIRCLE: 60-75 minute experience

Heart-Centered Connection:
Join a circle of like-minded women as we create an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and understanding. Together, we honor the unique journey of each soul, fostering deep connections that transcend time and space. It's an opportunity for you to be truly seen, heard, and witnessed. Reflective questions will be gently posed, inviting you to share your wisdom and experiences, creating a tapestry of shared stories and collective wisdom.

Breath and Embodiment exercises:
rediscover ease through a gentle spinal unwinding and breath and body movement exercises.

BREATHWORK CEREMONY: 75-90 minute Experience

A guided breathwork ceremony, where the breath becomes a sacred key to unlocking the profound wisdom held within your body and ushering you into a realm of liberation and aliveness. Holotropic breathwork, a healing and empowering practice, invites deep introspection, release, and rejuvenation, serving as a powerful medicine to move stagnant energy and release frozen emotions. Through this sacred practice, rediscover your empowered and authentic self, as the breath gently guides you back to the essence of your being.

Intention Setting:
Begin your breathwork journey by setting a personal intention. Whether it's releasing tension, finding clarity, or embracing inner peace, your intention will guide the transformative power of your breath.

Guided Breathwork:
Dive into a guided breathwork session, carefully crafted to guide you through rhythmic and intentional breathing. Explore the power of your breath as it becomes a catalyst for profound self-discovery and inner healing and unlocking new levels of consciousness.

Integration + Sharing:
Following the breathwork session, time for reflection and connection. Share your experiences and insights, fostering a sense of grounding, clarity, and inspiration.



February 24, 2024


10:30am - 1:30pm PST





Zula Den, 4011 West Jefferson Boulevard, #100, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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