Experience the energy and expertise of Toned Power as Trish guides you through an invigorating mat Pilates class at Fabletics The Village at Topanga. Expect to immerse yourself in wellness, strengthen your core, and embrace a holistic approach to fitness! Followed by a private shopping party for all attendees!

Trish Pogue, a dedicated Pilates instructor and leader in the wellness realm, is a shining presence in Los Angeles. With over 6 years of experience teaching Pilates, Trish specializes in classical and contemporary mat-based Pilates, fostering a vibrant community around movement and women's wellness. She champions her mission through in-person events and her online studio, 'Toned Power.'

Partnering with Fabletics, Trish is thrilled to lead an exclusive in-person event. Attendees can anticipate a dynamic classical Pilates fusion class, a blend seamlessly crafted by Trish merging traditional mat Pilates with modern techniques. Beyond a mere fitness session, her classes resonate with a sense of connection and empowerment, creating a space to explore the transformative potential of movement. For more engaging content, Trish can be found on social media @TonedPower and @Trish.Pogue.



February 11, 2024


9am - 11am PST




Fabletics, 6316 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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