Review: Massage Experience at The Now


Review: Massage Experience at The Now

Bray Wilcock

Upon entering the studio, I was greeted by an incredibly friendly employee that took my name, had me fill out a quick form and offered me some lemon water, it hit the spot. The waiting area was well appointed with ratan accents and a light ambiance. I waited a few minutes before my massage therapist came out to the lobby to greet me.

We moved to a separate space, she asked if above how hardI’d like the pressure to be and if there were any areas I’d like to have him focus on. My right hip has been tight lately and that has in turn made the lower/middle of my back on the right side stiff as well. After talking through that and her briefly discussing what to expect, we walked into the main corridor.


Dimly lit with curtains on either side of the corridor, segmenting each space for the separate massage tables. As we entered the space,I was overwhelmed with the sound of waves crashing, along with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon wafting through the air. I was guided to my space and left to prepare for my massage.


I slid under the heavy blankets that adorned the table.Lying face down, I awaited. My massage therapist came back into the space and adjusted the sheets and blankets on top of me, taking extra caution to make me feel comfortable the entire time.


As she began to work on the top and back of my neck, I could feel the tension begin to leave my body. I asked to increase the pressure slightly and settled in for some pain, the good kind of course. Working down my back, she focused around the shoulder blades along with working from the spine outwards on my lower back.


Moving to my legs, a combination of assisted stretching and deep tissue massage helped open my hip up with my muscles unwinding after several tight days. My IT band was greeted with what felt like an elbow, tracing the long part of my leg, painful for sure but in the good way. I didn’t realize how tight my ankles and feet were as well but after a few minutes they were feeling brand new. I’m pretty sure I dosed off after that because the next thing I knew, I was asked to flip onto my back. A scalp massage along with my arms being stretched and massaged had me feeling incredibly rejuvenated.


As we finished, I was asked if I would like some tea which I obviously had to get. It was a lemon tea and was delicious. My overall experience at The Now was great, it was exactly what I needed and is helping me focus on more important things rather then a tight hip and back pain. I highly recommend checking out The Now for yourself, you won’t regret it!