Reality Center is a state of the art sensory wellness center and digital psychedelic lab based in Santa Monica, California that combines the ancient philosophies and modern science, we are able to address a wide array of mental, physical and emotional issues in a truly one-of-a-kind experience. In this 90min session, we will first lead you through a positive goal & intention setting process. We will analyze the frequencies in your voice to determine the vibration of that specific thought. This will allow us to recommend a sensory therapy which amplifies those frequencies. Next, a guided breathing exercise helps to regulate your nervous system and prepare you for the journey. Finally, using the breath and mindset as the guide, the sensory journey begins, launching you into an altered state where time drifts away and your consciousness takes over. During this time, frequencies and music are felt in every cell, allowing your body to recover and reset. We will do a brief decompression and integration to help understand the experience.


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