Almond is the ObGyn care you’ve been waiting for. Almond believes knowledge is power and you should have the information to confidently make decisions through every part of your care, whether you’re experiencing fatigue, worried about your hormones, having painful sex, or going through your maternity journey.

They take an integrative, holistic approach, partners with you on your health goals, and makes it easy to get remote or in-person care through online booking.  When you have questions between visits, they make it easy to message with your Care Team.

Almond accepts most major health insurance PPO plans. They charge an annual membership fee of $250 ($80 off your first year with code BLOOMY) to cover benefits that insurance doesn’t cover:

- Same-day video visits

- Weekend appointments

- Convenient onsite labs

- Direct messaging with providers

- Simple online booking

- Clear care plans after every visit, so you never have to wonder what comes next

- Care Guides available 7 days a week, 7am-7pm to help navigate your care

- A beautiful space, making your visit feel more like self-care

They’re located at Melrose and Sweetzer, tucked away behind a small, plant-filled courtyard.


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